This conference is supported by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture. USDA funding is provided for the scientific/education portion of the program.




Pre-Conference Seminar: April 26, 1:00-5:00pm

Conference: April 27, 8:00am-5:00pm

Poster Session & Networking Reception: April 27, 6:00-8:00pm

Conference: April 28, 8:00am-Noon

View (tentative) 2017 ERME National Conference Agenda below...


Thursday April 27, 2017


Breakfast Buffet
Regency Ballroom B and C


Welcome - Roger Rennekamp, Associate Dean and Director, OSU Extension
Keynote Address - Mary Shelman
Regency Ballroom B and C


Networking Break

    Buckeye A Buckeye B Regency E Regency F Regency G
SES. A 9:45-10:15 Exploring Risk Management Strategies in West Africa – an Eisenhower Agriculture Fellowship Experience Jennifer Hashley Annie's Project - Reaching New Audiences Jennifer Rhodes Increasing Economic Competitiveness of Fresh Produce Growers through GAPs/GHPs Implementation Achyut Adhikari Challenges and Opportunities for Whole Farm Revenue Protection in New York State Jennifer Ifft Creating Change by Identifying Needs and Leveraging a Ctybased Extension System: The Case of NDSU Ext. and the Design Your Succession Program David Ripplinger
SES. B 10:30-11:00 Blending the Business of Agriculture with Human Interest Emily Adams Extension RME's Ag Risk & Farm Management Library Jeff Reisdorfer Farm Scale, Efficiency, and Profitability: Business Planning Matters Cindy Fake Employment Law Matters: Developing an Employment Law Handbook for Your Agricultural Employers Peggy Kirk Hall
SES. C 11:15-11:45   Facilitating Farm Discussion Groups for Wisdom and Fun Laura Biasillo Helping Fruit and Vegetable Producers to Proactively Manage Risk Winifred McGee Commodity Challenge Ed Usset Meeting the Needs of Ohio Farm Management Education through Collaborative Teaching Clifton Martin

Luncheon Address - Emily Schmidt
Regency Ballroom B and C

SES. D 1:45-2:15 Using Drones for Agricultural Risk Management Wayne Woldt Empowering Women Farmers with Ag Business Management Training in Turkey, Germany and Spain Robin Brumfield Long-Term Impacts of West Virginia University Extension Risk Management Educational Dinner Meetings Jodi Richmond Helping Limited Resource and Socially Disadvantaged Farmers Develop Marketing Plans Laurence Crane Passing on the Family Farm David Marrison
SES. E 2:30-3:00 Financial Literacy "Flipped Classroom" Workshop for Women Jessica Groskopf Money Management and Business Management Curriculum for American Indian Agricultural Businesses Karli Salisbury Managing Risk: New Farmers and New Markets Mayhah Suri Preparation for and Responses to Farm Financial Stress Rodney Jones

Networking Break

SES. F 3:30-4:00 Responsible Use of Technolgy in Communication Jeff Reisdorfer and Curtis Mahnken Meeting the Learning Needs of Women Farmers: Three Best Practices Alexandra Bell Pesticide Recertification Video Series Stacy Huffman Multi-Temporal Risk Analysis John Hewlett So You Have Inherited a Farm, Now What? Allan Vyhnalek
SES. G 4:15-4:45 MN Women in Ag Network - A New Approach to Programming Betty Berning Solutions for Success Seminars Steven Johnson Crop Insurance – Expansion and Success Ben Thiel Will They Come Home? Will Everyone Be Happy? Margaret Viebrock

Poster Session and Networking Reception
Sungarden and Findley's Foyer (2nd Floor)


Friday April 28, 2017


Breakfast Buffet
Regency Ballroom B and C


General Session
Capstone Address - Jason Henderson
Regency Ballroom B and C


Networking Break

    Buckeye A Buckeye B Regency E Regency F Regency G
SES. H 9:30-10:00 Community Food Systems: Considering the Opportunities and Risk, While Enhancing Communities and Businesses Courtney Long The Code Red Document a Contingency Planning Tool Brian Overstreet Programming in the Sun: Extension Programming for Alternative Energy Leases Paul Goeringer Spring Wheat Protein Spread Project Ron Haugen Strategies for Assisting and Working with Socially Disadvantaged Producers Elicia Chaverest
SES. I 10:15-10:45 Women Marketing Grain Series Ed Kordick SDSU Extension Beginning Farmer and Rancher Symposium Heather Gessner Using a Rural Small Farms Cooperative to Build Food Security and Economic Development in the Mid-Ohio Valley Brandy Brabham Biosecurity Educational Videos & Programs for Farmers, Allied Businesses & Extension Agents Jennifer Rhodes
SES. J 11:00-11:30   Connecting Native American Youth to their Land Based Futures Rachel Lindvall Engaging Farm Clientele Through Proactive Task Force Committees to Address Emerging Ag Issues David Marrison Revegetation of Winter Feeding Areas Bruce Loyd The Alabama Cooperative Extension Response to 2016 Alabama Drought William Kelley