Pre-Conference Seminar
Risk Management: Farmers As Food System Experts

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 1:00pm - 5:45pm

As consumers grow ever disconnected from the food system, farmers are eagerly sought as an expert source of information and security.

Direct-to-consumer retail  farm marketers are increasingly able to capture this feature as the opportunities for direct-to-consumer contact and sales continue to evolve. More consumers are also seeking the farm experience as a way to build family quality time and assure themselves of the safety of their food. Agri-tourism opportunities are also evolving as they develop a more sophisticated and fuller compliment of venues. As farmers step into these non-production roles the risk they accumulate and mitigate can be significant.

Why, How, Opportunities, Challenges

Martha Glass
Agri-tourism Specialist NC Department of Agriculture
Board Member NAFDMA


Social Media Marketing for providers of local food and local fun

Julie Fox
Tourism Development and Direct Marketing Specialist
OSU Extension


Why, How, Opportunities, Challenges

Jesse J. Richardson, Jr.
Associate Professor Urban Affairs and Planning, Virginia Tech


Panel of 3 direct marketers/agri-tourism operators

Megan L. Bruch (Moderator)
Marketing Specialist Center for Profitable Agriculture

The panel will discuss what they are doing, what they see as future opportunities, what they may need from "us", what they think about risk management and social networking as underlying concepts.


Henry Jones
Jones Orchard (Millington, TN)
Pick-your-own fruit, farmers markets, on-farm retail markets, value-added products, on-farm café, corn maze, haunted corn maze.

Amy Delvin
Delvin Farms (College Grove, TN)
Organic produce marketed through farmers market, large CSA, wholesale.

Rose Ann Donnell
Donnell Century Farm Adventure and Donnell All-Natural Angus Beef (Jackson, TN)
Agritourism and direct marketing beef, eggs, etc.